Oct 17

Blessed Marie Natalie of Saint Louise Vanot and companions

October 17th XVIII century

María (Femenino)
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Assumption of the Virgin Mary
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Secular name
María Luisa Josefa Vanot
October 17th 1794 in Valenciennes, in current France
October 17th
In Valenciennes, city of France, blessed Marie Natalie of Saint Louise (Marie Louise Josepha) Vanot and four companions, virgins of the order of the Ursulines and martyrs, who during the French Revolution, for hatred of the Catholic faith, were sentenced to death and went to the gallows by reciting the Psalm Miserere. Their names are: blessed Marid Laurentine of Saint Estanislaus (Juana Regina) Prin, Marie Ursula of Saint Bernardine (Jacinta Agustina Gabriela) Bourla, Saint Francis Marie Luisa (Genevieve Marie) Ducrez and Maria Agustine of the sacred heart of Jesus (Magdalene Marie) Dejardin. Roman martyrology