Jan 22

Blessed Laszlo Batthyány-Strattmann

January 22nd XX century

Ladislao (Masculino)
People named Ladislao use to celebrate 30-Jun:
Saint Ladislaus of Hungary
Other saints
Other saints named Ladislao
October 28th 1870 en Dunakiliti, in current Hungary
January 22nd 1931 in Viena, in current Austria
January 22nd
In Vienna, capital of Austria, blessed Laszlo Batthyány-Strattmann, who, being a parent, gave testimony of the Gospel with the Holiness of his life and his works, both in the family environment and in civil society. Honored as a Christian name and dignity of doctor, delivered with all charity to care for the sick, for which founded a hospital in which only housed the poor and miserable, leaving aside all manner of vanity. Roman martyrology