Jul 15

Blessed Inacio of Azevedo and companions

July 15th XVI century

Passion of the blessed martyrs Inacio of Azevedo, presbyter, and thirty-eight companions, religious of the society of Jesus, that when they went to the Brazil missions, their ship's name "St. Jakob", was assaulted by a pirate boat, whose occupants, hating Catholics, pierced them with swords and Spears. Whose names are: Blessed Diego de Andrade, priest; Gonzalo Henriques, Deacon; Antonio Soares, Benito de Castro, Juan Fernandes, Manuel Álvares, Francisco Álvares, Juan de Mayorga, Esteban Zudaire, Alfonso de Baena, Domingo Fernandes, another Juan Fernandes, Alejo Delgado, Luis Correia, Manuel Rodrigues, Simón Lopes, Manuel Fernandes, Alvaro Mendes, Pedro Nunes, Luis Rodrigues, Francisco de Magalhaes, Nicolás Dinis, Gaspar Álvares, Blas Ribeiro, Antonio Fernandes, Manuel Pacheco, Pedro de Fontoura, Andrés Gonçalves, Mauro Vaz, Diego Pires, Marco Caldeira, Antonio Correia, Fernando Sánchez, Gregorio Escrivano, Francisco Pérez Godoy, Juan de Zafra, Juan de San Martín, religious, and Juan, who joined them. Roman martyrology