Jun 11

Blessed Ignatius Maloyan

June 11th XX century

Ignacio (Masculino)
People named Ignacio use to celebrate 31-Jul:
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Other saints
Other saints named Ignacio
Secular name
Shoukrallah Maloyan
en Mardin, in current Turkey
in Kara-Kenpru, in current Turkey
June 11th
In the village of Kara-Kenpru, near amide, in Turkey, Ignatius Maloyan Beatus, Bishop of Mardin, Armenia, and martyr during the genocide of Christians in that region by work of the persecutors of the faith. By not wanting to embrace another religion, after having consecrated bread spiritual reconstruction of his fellow captives, he was shot along with a huge number of Christians, offering his blood to get the fruit of peace. Roman martyrology