Aug 27

Blessed Francis of Saint Mary and companions

August 27th XVII century

Francisco (Masculino)
El francés, from Italiano
People named Francisco use to celebrate 4-Oct:
Saint Francis of Assisi
Other saints
Other saints named Francisco
August 16th 1627 in Nagasaki, in current Japan
August 27th
de la Orden de Frailes Menores
In Nagasaki, in Japan, blessed Francis of Saint Mary, priest of the order of the Friars Minor, and their fourteen companions, martyrs, by order of the Governor of the city suffered martyrdom in hatred of the Christian name. Their names: Blessed Bartholomew Laurel and Anthony of Saint Francis, religious of the order of the Friars Minor; Gaspar Vaz and Maria, husbands; Magdalene Kiyota, widow; Caius Jiyemon, Francisca, Francis Kurobioye Louis Matsuo Soyemon, Martín Gómez, Thomas Wo Jinyemon, Luke Kiyemon and Michael Kizayemon. Roman martyrology