Sep 02

Blessed Bartolome Gutierrez

September 2nd XVII century

He was born in Mexico in 1580. Very young he entered the order of St. Augustine. Already a priest, asked to be sent to missions. With Fray Pedro Solís, he traveled to Manila where he was appointed first six years the position of master of novices in 1605. Finally, in 1612, he embarked for Japan. In 1613 the Emperor Taicosama expelled all missionaries. Bartholomew returned to Manila, but at the request of the faithful, after five years could return disguised to Japan, where he worked for fifteen years. Finally, betrayed, they seized it, and after very cruel tortures, did die simmered in Omura, Japan, September 3, 1632. Was beatified by Pope Pius IX on may 22 Roman martyrology