Oct 03

Blessed Ambrosio Francisco Ferro and companions

October 3rd XVII century

Ambrosio (Masculino)
People named Ambrosio use to celebrate 7-Dec:
Saint Ambrose of Milan
Other saints
Other saints named Ambrosio
in Natal, in current Brazil
October 3rd
Next the Uruaçu River, near Natal, Brazil, blessed Ambrosio Francisco Ferro, presbyter, and companions, martyrs, who gave life victims of oppression that was unleashed against the Catholic faith. Their names are: Blessed Antonio Baracho, Antonio Vilela Cid, Antonio Vilela son and daughter, Diego Pereira, Manuel Rodrigues Moura and his wife, daughter of Francisco Dias son, Francisco de Bastos, Francisco Mendes Pereira, Juan da Silveira, Juan Lostau Navarro, Juan Martins and seven young, José do Porto, Mateo Moreira, Simón Correia, Esteban Machado de Miranda and two daughters herself, Vicente de Souza Pereira. Roman martyrology