May 12

Blessed Álvaro del Portillo

May 12th XX century

Faithful Assistant and first successor of Josemaría at the head of Opus Dei. Priest of peace together with the Church and the Roman Pontiff; he knew how to serve with joy and generosity to saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer; his brothers (later, sons) in Opus Dei; his relatives; his friends and his colleagues. With his preaching, he helped to find happiness in fidelity to Jesus Christ to hundreds of thousands of people in different countries where he made pastoral trips.
Álvaro (Masculino)
People named Álvaro use to celebrate 29-Nov:
Saint Alvaro Pelagio
Other saints
Other saints named Álvaro
Secular name
Álvaro del Portillo Diez de Sollano
March 11th 1914 en Madrid, in current Spain
March 23rd 1994 in Roma, in current Italy
  • madevenerable el June 28th 2012 por Benedict XVI
  • Beatifiedel September 27th 2014 por Francis
May 12th
de la Prelatura de la Santa Cruz y Opus Dei