Aug 30

Blessed Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster

August 30th XX century

Alfredo (Masculino)
People named Alfredo use to celebrate 14-Aug:
Saint Alfred of Hildeseheim
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Secular name
Alfredo Ludovico Luigi Schuster
January 18th 1880 en Roma, in current Italy
August 30th 1954 in Venegone, in current Italy
  • madevenerable el March 26th 1994 por Blessed John Paul II
  • Beatifiedel May 12th 1996 por Blessed John Paul II
August 30th
In Venegone, near Varese, in Italy, blessed Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster, Bishop, who, as Abbot of Saint Pablo in Rome, was elevated to the episcopal see of Milan, where, with great care and diligence, played with admirable wisdom its role as pastor for the sake of his people. Roman martyrology