Do you want to show the daily saints in your web? We are glad to help!

We just ask you:

  • Link to as the source of the data.
  • Do not modify the contents: show them as we deliver them.
  • If you are going to generate more than 1.000 requests per day, or for commercial uses, contact us.

More information about our copyright.

Help for webmasters

HTML: Widget for your web

You can include the daily saints in your web pasting whatever of these two HTML codes where you want (it will look great in the sidebar, for instance).

<iframe src=""></iframe>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

In both cases, the result will be something like this:

How to add the daily saints widget in

This video shows you how

API: the data of our saints database

Because we believe that "Anyone who isn't against us is for us" we've made available our API to any programmer: this is a service that offers all Santopedia data for free: the daily saints, the saint corresponding to a name, etc.

Our API is very easy to use and works with simple HTTP calls that return JSON results. Like this request, asking for the saint that people named "Nacho" (a family name for Ignatius in spanish) use to celebrate:

 id: "167",
 name: "Nacho",
 fullname: "San Ignacio de Loyola",
 url: "",
 foto: "",
 important: "1",
 feast: "07-31"

If you want to use our API, contact us, explaining the use that you want to do and your prevision on the number of daily calls. The API service is free for non-commercial applications. There is a limit of 1.000 daily requests for the free service.